In each land, rulers can benefit in different ways from each building they construct.

In the Iron Age, there will be 15 main buildings and several special buildings (limited, with cultural themes).

Each building can be bought or sold as an NFT in blockchain and each of them have upgrade functions.

These buildings will also be auctioned off in limited numbers at different periods and then users can buy or sell or even rent them (the ruler will temporarily sign a partnership contract with the building owner and mine or produce resources, with shared benefits).

Upgrading the buildings also increases their function rate.


The main building of each Kingdom and the residence of the ruler.

The level of this building represents the glory and the power of the ruler and the land.

For the land to start functioning this building needs to be constructed.


This building will be the main storage of your land which will store your raw materials (such as lumbers, iron bars, stone, wheat, etc).

The capacity of this building will increase as it gets upgraded.

Constructing this building is essential for your land to keep functioning.

Food Storage

This building will be the food storage of your land, all farmers and ranchers will store edible resources in it, and the Histopians of your land will receive their share of food from this building on a daily basis.

Selling or emptiness of the food storage will result in a halt in the function of your land.


The workers in this building will be advantageous for your land by converting the trees present in your land (natural resources) into lumbers (token).

Wood is a very essential part of the land's construction affairs.

You will also be able to easily sell you lumbers in the Bazaar or trade them off with other resources.

Cattle Farm

This building plays an important role in feeding your land as it produces meat.

By simply supplying the water needed, you will get meat and milk tokens and use them in your country's food chain or trade them at Bazaar.

Sheep Farm

Just like Cattle Farm, this building contributes a lot to the food supply of your land by producing meat and milk tokens.

Apple Farm (orchard)

The apple farm helps you to supply a part of the food chain in your land and grants you tokens (apples) which you can trade in Bazaar.


This building converts wheat to flour (both are tokens) which you can sell at a higher profit in Bazaar than wheat itself, you can also use the flour for making bread in the bakery.


This building is at the top of the token production chain with bread.

The flour prepared in the Mill or purchased at the Bazaar is converted into a bread token, which has both a high nutritional value and can also be traded at a higher value in the Bazaar.

Date Farm

A Date Farm can be a savior to the lands with scarce water supplies. Without the need for water tokens, you will be able to help meet your nutritional demands by cultivating this crop and obtaining date tokens.

Water well

Water wells help you to extract more water per unit of time to help the growth of your land by exporting it or using it in your farms and constructions.


By converting grape tokens to wine tokens, this building not only contributes much to the food supply chain, but it also fills your supply needs when you have celebration gatherings and special occasions.

Grape Farm

This farm helps you to have more food supply security by producing grape tokens which you can also use to produce wine in Winery, that grants more nutritional and economic value.

Paddy Field

Although cultivating rice needs a lot of water resources, due to its high nutritional value, it will greatly contribute to the food supply of your land.

You will also be able to benefit greatly upon selling this token in the Bazaar.

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