In Histopia there are a variety of characters that can be purchased and sold in NFT format, these characters are known as “Histopians”.

Histopians in the Iron Age falls into several main categories, each with its own abilities and benefits. There are many types of Histopians, each with a specific skill.

There are other types of characters called “Viator” that have no role in Histopia and can only visit lands (Viators are created outside the blockchain platform).

Histopians will be able to equip themselves using NFTs and tokens that will result in more power which will increase their value as well as their performance in their profession.

Histopians will be able to cooperate and function in their land and earn a salary. Each Histopian also has an efficiency level which is determined at birth by a combination of their parent's randomness and efficiency.


This group of Histopians has high skills of working in buildings and can help agriculture and production in your land.


This group of Histopians is a great option to manage the land. The rulers who become members of their group will be able to grow faster and make significant progress.


These Histopians have high combat skills and are able to make you a great profit by fighting in FoE.


Decanus possesses vast knowledge in the industry, especially, aid the development of lands in a certain field of work.

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