Histopia lands are a few distinct and completely autonomous NFTs, which are ruled by their owner using Governance tools.

These lands that have different sizes and resources will be purchased by users, after which the ruler of each land will be able to sell and transfer ownership to each other (*includes a fee for ERA token holders).

Considering the environmental conditions and the resources available in the land, the owner should embrace a suitable strategy for a better evolution of the city.

By building different buildings and preparing the necessary conditions (resources required), rulers will be able to mine different resources in their land or create new ones.

  • Landlords will earn various resources from their land by placing buildings on it

  • Different characteristics that are randomly assigned at mint time

  • Hard capped total supply of 10000

  • 3 Types of Lands exist Parvus(P), Magnus(M), and Vastus(V)

  • Parvus(P type) is the smallest land type with 6000 supply

  • Magnus(M type) is the medium size land with 3000 supply

  • Vastus(V type) is the biggest size land suitable for mass production usage 1000 supply

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